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We are present on Internet since 2001
Capital and Interest are available 24hr/24
 Average Results + 33% p.a. since 20 years(*)

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Global Analysis

Whether economic, general, health, sports, discovery, energy, climate, whether on Earth or in Space, or underground, Whether relations between States, Politics - During 24hr / 7 / 365 our analysts scrutinize carefully all the global information that helps our Forex Account Managers make the best investment decisions. .


Micro Analysis

Our analysts also follow companies all over the world because sometimes an invention, a decision of the leaders can change the exchange rates. As you can see we have a very advanced search strategy that one person cannot do. This is why our results year after year are positive. on average + 33% since 2001

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Did You Know these 5 Rules to become a successful Trader

Do you want to be happy trader? It is very simple. Start to apply these 5 rules and you 'll see the result immediatly

Discover our 5 rules to become a successful trader
Invest only a little % of your available cash

1 - Invest only 5% to 10% maximum of your capital in cash

Discover our 5 rules to become a successful trader
Read the news

2 - Read the news. Something somewhere can affect currency rates 

5 rules to become a successful trader by Professional Forex Trader
Take time for you, breath, you will see best results

3 - Go outside. Breath, share time with your friends, family 

Each quarter withdraw 30% of your revenue

4 - Compound interest is the secret of a good Trader. Take a part each quarter

There is always opportunities on Forex Exchange

5 - Markets are open 24/24. It is always the right time to invest

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